Interior Design Bathroom Series - 9 Accessorizing

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Interior Design Bathroom Series - 9 Accessorizing

Bathroom accessorizing with style

Our previous and penultimate post gave a flavour of lighting that could successfully enhance a bathroom in our #interiordesign bathroom series.  We focused specifically on a few examples of recess lighting and down-lights with information about types of lighting suitable for the different bathroom zones.

As we move into our final stage of your bathroom transformation, in final post on #bathroomaccessories, we take a look at using accessories effectively to further enhance your space.  We've included some information on showers/accessories within this post.  To recap on generic considerations for accessorising, take a look at our From the top  7 -  Top interior design considerations for designing a space using accessories.     This post is intended to be read on its own or as part of the full series.

What if I've missed previous posts in the Bathroom Series?

Don't worry if you've missed any of our earlier posts in this series, we've placed  them in our Interior Design Bathroom series category to make it easier for you to find posts and stay up to date.

How can I get my bathroom to reflect some of the ideas shown in interior magazines using accessories in my bathroom?

You've probably heard the expression about it all being in the detail, well that's exactly what it is.  Accessories can make your bathroom stand out and help personalize your space.  In our previous series From the top, focusing on interior design considerations  for designing a space, we talked about trying to buy the best quality items that your budget allows.  This is equally important when making your accessory design decisions, although, you're not limited to purchasing solely large items to achieve this.  Your accessories can contribute to how relaxed or enlivening your space is, however consider that you might want your bathroom to be more conducive to relaxation after a long day rather than have a party atmosphere.

Image Big bathroom shop

Think about what you want the finished look to be like, do you want it to be  minimal, shiny with chrome detailing or bright?  Do you want or need shelving on a practical level?  Whatever your needs whether its exposed shelving, enclosed storage or towel/ heated towel rails and radiators there are lots of different ways to get those finishing touches. 

Here's a few more accessories  that can add personality and wow factor to your bathroom space and increase your relaxation experience each time you enter.

Image Big bathroom shop

Above Phoenix Infiniti illuminated mirror, is likely to set of any bathroom, positioned vertically or horizontally.  Mirror is IP44 splash rated and suitable for use within bathroom zones 2 and 3.

Click to see some more interesting mirrors including the Ultra Magnum Mirror with glass shelving and task mirrors for shaving and other uses.

Selecting your shower and shower accessories/fittings.

Image - Big Bathroom Shop

Now that you've invested time selecting the structure of your bathroom including bath, shower or both, you'll want to ensure that you don't let the side down by neglecting your shower and shower accessory choices.  There is now an extensive  mix of both electric and mixer showers, shower heads, valves and accessories on the market to choose from, including Mira, which continues to be amongst popular shower selections.

Image Big Bathroom Shop

Practical aspects - accessories

There are lots of practical aspects that you might want to include in your design such as robe or wall hooks, these don't have to be boring though!  Mix and match items, which include wall mounted toilet roll holders and soap dishes or opt for coordinated bathroom accessory packs.  These little details are how you can inject a  little bit of your personality into the space, without it being overpowering, of course unless that's what you want to do!

keep up with TV and digital radio recordings even when in the bath!

Image Big bathroom shop

Wow! this stylish Infiniti 17 inch TV with mirror finish is waterproof and can be recessed into wall or mounted using a bracket, complete with waterproof remote.  The Infiniti range includes unique heated glass screen to prevent build up of condensation and Infiniti TV range includes integrated Freeview and digital radio.  Additional finishes in Antique Gold, Silver and Brushed Silver also available.

Help to achieve your bathroom improvements

Choosing accessories and improving your bathroom is not as difficult as it may seem.  Decide on what look you want to achieve and include any practicalities needed for you and your household.  There's lots of help available to get started with bathroom improvements available online and in person.  The internet is a good resource for finding qualified and regulated contractors and of course Interior designers who can provide you with advice about the best selections for your space in addition to other design advice.  Interior designers can offer advice on consultations and any associated fees and usually charge for their services for an entire project or by hourly fee for services by arrangement.

These are just a few accessory ideas, which when combined with the other aspects of your bathroom design that we've covered throughout January in our bathroom series, can personalize and increase impact in your bathroom.  We hope we've given you plenty to think about along with inspiration and motivation to get started.

Next series

In our next new series we'll be looking at kitchen design, looking at types of kitchens available and how to include accessories that make your kitchen extra special and of course wow your guests!  In the meantime why not recap on our bathroom series for further inspiration and ideas before you get started with your bathroom project.

Researching bathroom ideas

The internet and interior home magazines are an easy way to do your homework and gather samples of ideas and recipes for your bathroom make over.  Remember the better preparation you do the better the end result!

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