Interior Design - Bathroom Series 4 - Taps

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Interior Design - Bathroom Series 4 - Taps
Taps selection

Our previous post in our interiordesignbathroom series, looked at selecting the perfect bath to add wow factor to your space and truly make it a haven.  Now you've got your beautiful bathroom design thought out, it's important to remember the details, taps being one of them to ensure they don't let the side down.

In our next post we'll be taking a look at selecting taps to make bath times a little bit more interesting.  This post is intended to be read on its own or as part of the full series, covering, bathroom furniture, heating options, designing with tiles, lighting and accessories. 

What if I've missed previous posts in the Bathroom Series?

Don't worry if you've missed any of our earlier posts in this series, we've placed  them in our Interior Design Bathroom series category to make it easier for you to find posts and stay up to date.

Remember to consider your household when planning your bathroom re-design, thinking about who will use the space, frequency and how it will be used.  There are lots of really exciting taps to choose from, so you'll need to remember that if your washing your hair over the wash hand basin, having taps encroaching into the area of the basin won 't be helpful.  Carefull planning ensures you have both a stylish and practical bathroom to relax in.

Most home bathrooms now have a stylish range of taps, including traditional to a multitude of mixer and sculptural options, from single lever, two hole mixer taps to wall mounted single lever and mixer options, including shower options.


There's so many to choose from so we've shown you a few of our most favourite ones below.

1.  Zither contemporary bathroom taps

2.  Zero contemporary bathroom taps

3. Elinor bath shower-mixer

If you've always wanted to have stylish taps here's your chance, take a further look at the extensive range of taps from Bathroom Heaven.  They have a wide range of taps for all budgets.

In our next post in this series we'll take a look at some of the latest bathroom furniture styles to enhance your space, in the meantime take another look at our previous posts in our bathroom series for further inspiration and look out for our next post in this series!

Researching bathroom ideas

The internet and interior home magazines are an easy way to do your homework and gather samples of ideas and recipes for your bathroom make over.

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