Interior Design Bathroom Ideas Series 6-Heating Solutions

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Interior Design Bathroom Ideas Series 6-Heating Solutions
Heating your bathroom

Image - Bathroom Heaven

We've looked at selecting and using #bathroomfurniture in our previous post in our interiordesign bathroom series, looking at how bathroom furniture can add  wow factor and personalize your bathroom and compliment your new design scheme.  Now we're moving into the final stages of your bathroom transformation and our next post in the series will be looking at heating your bathroom, mainly through heated towel rails/radiators.  As mentioned before you can use this as an opportunity to have a little fun with your selection.

Heated towel rail/radiators have become increasingly popular in bathrooms with a wide range of finishes and styles to suit any bathroom and budget, such as the Buckingham traditional heated towel rail from Bathroom Heaven shown above.  

This post is intended to be read on its own or as part of the full series, the next posts will be covering, designing with tiles, lighting and accessories. 

What if I've missed previous posts in the Bathroom Series?

Don't worry if you've missed any of our earlier posts in this series, we've placed  them in our Interior Design Bathroom series category to make it easier for you to find posts and stay up to date.


Remember to consider your household when selecting your heating options for your bathroom, and make any necessary safety adjustments.  Remember careful planning ensures you have both a stylish, practical and safe bathroom to relax in.

Help to achieve your bathroom improvements

Including heated towel rails/radiators in your bathroom design is not as difficult as it may seem.  Dependent on whether you're relocating bathroom fittings, it is relatively easy to replace fittings that are remaining in the same location with newer versions as the pipe work is already installed cutting down costs in labour.  However if you intend on re-locating your fixture and fittings, there are lots of options available to receive support to carry out your bathroom improvements.  There is a huge range of advice resources available via bathroom installers, do it yourself advice guides and of course Interior designers.

Types of heated towel rail/radiators

Designing your bathroom enables you to control the type of heating you desire from standard gas central heating radiators to designer or traditional heated towel rails or radiators and the choices made, should be personal to you and your household.  This post looks specifically at heating from the angle of heated towel rail/radiators, however having considered the needs of your household and size of your project and budget, you might prefer to install underfloor heating.

Image first bathrooms

Radiators/heated towel rails are available in a number of options, floor or wall mounted.  The above  Aquaheat Samba 1200 x 700 mm heated towel rail is a contemporary design that instantly captures attention and adds personality to the space.  This is one of many exciting designs found in bathrooms with funky versions including spiral designs too.  However if you prefer the traditional look, take a further look at the Buckingham version above from Bathroom Heaven.  The majority of heated towel rail options are designed to be plumbed into your existing water heating systems including those using Combination boilers or water tanks.

There's so many to choose from, take a look at these designer options available for inspiration.  


Now you've decided which heated towel rail/radiator to select you can finalize by concentrating on the detail such as types of valve you wish to use.

These are just a few ways in which you can use heated towel rails in your design.  There are of course many other options including radiators to choose from.  SNH UK  have many stylish and contemporary options.

In our next post in this series we'll take a look at selecting tiles for your bathroom scheme to enhance your space, in the meantime take another look at our previous posts in our bathroom series for further inspiration and look out for our next post in this series!

Researching bathroom ideas

The internet and interior home magazines are an easy way to do your homework and gather samples of ideas and recipes for your bathroom make over.

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