Installation of Fedora 14 Desktop edition

Posted on Apr 26 2011 at 12:08:35 AM in Software

Installation of Fedora 14 Desktop edition
In this post i'll illustrate the installation of Fedora 14. Fedora is a open source, linuxdistribution. Fedora development is taken up by the Fedora Project and is funded by Red Hat Inc. So now lets install Fedora 14. I'm doing the installation in a virtual machine.(Anyway all installation is the same. It does not matter if your using a virtual machine or a physical machine).
  • First you need the Fedora 14 image or iso.(If u already have a dvd of Fedora 14, you don't have to download the image or iso) Click download Fedora to download the image. There are many edition of fedora available. The default Fedora 14 is the Fedora 14 Desktop Edition. If u want to download as a torrent click torrents. In this page there are a number of torrents select the Fedora 14 you want.

  • After you have got the iso you need to burn it into a dvd or you can create a bootable pendrive.

  • Then restart your computer and boot your system to the dvd or the pendrive. A menu would appear with a number of options.
  • Click Linux Universe: How to install Fedora 14 Desktop Edition? for full view.
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