Insanity: What If Mental Health Professionals Ran the World?

Posted on Jan 11 2012 at 12:37:31 PM in Books

Insanity: What If Mental Health Professionals Ran the World?

When I saw the publisher’s blurb about Insanity by Aaron Jordan, it looked like a very interesting and original premise so, of course, I had to request an advance reader’s copy. What would happen if mental health professionals and research scientists were given complete control over mankind? In this dystopian, science fiction thriller of a novel, that’s exactly what’s happens. Let’s just say you may never look at vitamins the same way again.

“On the cubical bronze base, beneath the two figures, a metal plate contained the following inscription: William Howard Strong Statesman

Theodore Sutton Scientist

Founders of Our Society

Good health is the key to freedom and happiness for all.”

For 1,000 years mankind has lived in peace and harmony. Almost everyone’s lives are for the most part predictable, safe and pleasant. No wars, no criminals – police don’t even have to carry weapons. What could be wrong with that? Admittedly there are a few people who are removed from society and placed in sanitoriums because they exhibit signs of impending insanity; however, everyone agrees that’s a small price to pay to maintain harmony and to keep everyone safe. Read the rest of my review at


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