India take on Sri Lanka today minus Sehwag

Posted on Jun 23 2010 at 09:22:53 PM in Sports & Recreation

Yet again, the two sides meet today, but this time, it is for a clash for a summit - The Asia Cup 2010.

 Though Sehwag has not proved his mettle in the tournament thus far,  his presence in the side, would be a welcome sign for any captain. Thus the 3 giants of Indian ODI cricket - Tendulkar, Sehwag and Yuvaraj - will be sorely missed in the finals today. Will the young brigade, the likes of Rohit, Kohli and Raina take over the mantle? Yes, today's contest will be alive for India if atleast two of the 3 brigades perform. Dhoni's average has been hovering around 50 and he is the mainstay as regards the Indian batting is concerned, and if he fails, so is the rest.

 I would like to see Ashwin being drafted into the side, may be, at the expense of 1 fast bowler (Nehra) adding a surprise package to SL. If he is given the first few overs, it will defintely be an interesting contest.


On the other hand, SL, with its tail up, has been the stronger team of the two, atleast in this tournament and if the openers prove their worth again, we are sure to see India slipping to No.3 again. Murali will be back to recokening at the expense of Herath. It is likely that Kandamby will be given an extended trial.

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