Incense - What You Didn't Know

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Incense - What You Didn


The act of burning incense is one that has become more widespread and more accepted over the last few decades. What used to be something that only hippies and new age religious folks practiced has become almost main stream. With the opening of the worldwide marketplace via the Internet, you can buy incense from around the world and sample the best of the best. The popularity of aromatherapy and the idea that the fragrance of certain substances can be good for you has become widespread as well, and most of us correctly associate the burning of incense with the sense of smell. But there are other benefits besides making a living space smell wonderful.


First of all, keep in mind the dictum that good scents make good sense. Just as we like to make our homes and spaces esthetically pleasing to the visual sense, it is a good idea to make it a pleasant place to smell as well. The odors of everyday life can quickly overwhelm almost any size living space, and the use of fine incense can dispel those unwanted fragrances and do lots of other things besides.


Next, consider that the employment of burning fragrant substances to cover up bad smells is an ancient one, and it's easy to see why. Temples, churches, cathedrals and other gathering places for the unwashed masses were places that probably didn't smell very good without some help. The wafting tendrils of smoke from the burning censer filled with precious resins not only covered up the smelly stuff, however, but also helped to clean the space itself of bad vibrations and negative energies. Those crowds in the church probably didn't realize it, but while they were enjoying the good smells from the incense, they were also being cleared of bad energy.


A third benefit of the use of incense is to help you calm down. The stimulation of the sense of smell has a beneficial effect on the mental processes - you'll find that as you experience the fragrance, you’re usually racing thoughts slow down, your whole system moves into a slower gear, and the thought of actually stopping to smell the roses makes sense. The calming effect is wonderful and accessible on its own, but it has another result too - it actually boosts your energy.


As strange as it may seem, calming your mind through the use of concentration on the scent of incense can raise your overall energy level. This is the same thing that tends to happen when you are able to maintain a mental focus on something like music, a candle flame or a piece of art, or a sensual massage - sense data comes into the brain and when you can pay attention to it correctly, it energizes the entire system.


Finally, a huge benefit of using incense is to heal yourself. The first recorded uses of burning resins, herbs, oils and other ingredients were medicinal. Ancient healers knew how to blend substances that would have positive effects on physical and mental maladies. Illnesses were seen as the result of negative energy, and the scented smoke was utilized to clear the human organism and the space around it of these bad vibes.


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