In times of trouble

Posted on Apr 30 2012 at 03:26:43 PM in Law

In times of trouble

We live in a world that can turn lawsuits into financial gains once they are satisfied. Unfortunately, not every lawsuit is satisfied immediately, and some take a lot longer than others. A lawsuit cash advance can help the plaintiff as they  find themselves patiently awaiting their settlement to become a reality. It is normal to expect some insurance companies to delay a personal settlement for as long as they can.


Lighthouse Legal finance has presettlement funding available to plaintiffs that qualify and are waiting on their settlements to be realized. Most cases are approved anywhere from a few days, up to a week and such approval does not require any credit check. There is no communication between the defendants insurance company and Lighthouse Legal finance.


Once the lawsuit loans settlement has been approved, the plaintiff can usually collect their funds within 24 hours. With everything that goes on throughout the legal process, its good to know that there is a company that can help alleviate some of the financial pressures until the matter is completely resolved.  Its time to join others who have been assisted in the past as they waited for a settlement, and head on over to Lighthouse Legal Finance to help them through the rough times.

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