Important implications in the historical city of the groove has become "neglected" Najran is classified as the leading tourist destinations and has implications for thousands of years back

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Important implications in the historical city of the groove has become "neglected" Najran is classified as the leading tourist destinations and has implications for thousands of years back
Enjoy the city groove archaeological Najran (South Arabia) the importance of historical extreme being classified as the most important sites and richest in the Arabian Peninsula, the city of archaeological contains the writings and inscriptions on the stones dating back to more than 1700 years, as mentioned in Sura "zodiac" in the Qur'an Quran. The city is located on the southern bank of Wadi Najran, between the villages of stainless and Jerbh, surrounded by a wall up to a length of approximately 235 m and a width of no more than 220 meters, and with foundations built from stones carved heights up to 4 meters. And the effects of (the city of groove) or the historic city (the capital of Najran old) is located on the summit of Mount (Tslal) at a distance of 25 km from Najran. Alamarah historic palace in Najran Alamarah historic palace in Najran He spoke of "an Arab. Net" media Ahmed forwarders of the population of the region of Najran, saying, "represents the castle's main city from the main settlement in the groove, which began before 600 BC. M, and continued until the end of the third century AD, a period that coincides with the flourishing of civilization south of the island Arabic, and in the hills outside the fence are spread contains the foundations of the ancient buildings of stone and mud and spread it heavily broken pottery, and represents the period following the civilization of southern Arabia, along with the Islamic period. " For his part, confirms the anti-Yami a population of the region that these effects are neglected concerned Acts to develop or maintain the major features of that city entrenched in the foot moving slowly, and wished the expansion of the small museum, which does not reflect on the history of large-sized the importance of that historic city bearing the story of the people groove, there is no museum artifacts only represent small effects that were found buried under the city of the groove. He called Mansour Yami Another resident in the region through the "Arab Net" stakeholders to strengthen the fence currently exists, it does not suffice and therefore may be the contents of the city vulnerable to theft and looting by gangs smuggling of antiquities, other than that the interface tourist at the site absent utilities and paved walkways and market heritage. Stages of civilization Well the effects of molar Not limited effects in the Najran area which is gaining popular tourist and historical only to that city, but there are other effects, including fever wells of the most prominent sites rock paintings and engravings. Fees include the Adamic line and the writings of the desert known Baltmouda and assigned the southern and Kufic script, and this area contains many sites belonging to different stages of civilization, and represents the piles of stone tombs and circular construction. Fees back to 7000 BC Drawing was found in the historical groove The work revealed archaeological survey of the inscriptions in this region for the task of graphics contained on the rock carvings are many and varied, dating from 7000 BC. AD, to 1000 BC. M, was reached in which important information on human life in that period, the population on the region at that time may Astanoi Greyhounds, and Astedua and other beauty, using a variety of weapons, including spears, sticks, bows, and arrows tipped dual. Another effect is important in the region of Najran Palace Emirate historic and located in the center of the old city Najran (district Aba Saud historical) on an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 625 m 2, is the most famous heritage buildings, a unique example of traditional architecture in the region, and was created in 1363 and has 65 rooms and was the headquarters of of the emirate and some other government departments, including the Sharia Court, telegraphic (wireless) and the police, and housing for the Prince of the agent, and the building of a fortress with high walls built in the corners of the four circular towers of control, and there by a mosque and a well of old, dating back to the pre-Islam, which is built of mud and foundations of stones and is one of the most important buildings in the area. As well as the Palace Aan Palace heritage called the monkey and is located on Mount AAN, built in 1100 AH of mud on the foundations of stone architectural style characteristic of the region, and surrounded by a wall mud, and is located west of the city of Najran, and overlooking it, consists of four innings, and still inhabited as well as Raum into a fortress and the track rod
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