Ignorance and Prejudice in 'Mosque' Controversy

Posted on Aug 26 2010 at 04:19:33 PM in Politics

Ignorance and Prejudice in \

One of the first articles I read this morning was entitled “TIME Poll: Majority Opposes Mosque, Many Distrust Muslims.” And so, I will address the prejudice and the ignorance of the American people that has been uncovered from this ‘World Trade Center Mosque’ controversy.

Let’s talk about the ignorance first. Thanks to the media incorrectly labeling a proposed Islamic community center as a ‘mosque,’ and their catchy titles insinuating that it will be right next to Ground Zero, most Americans are under the impression that if they were to go to Ground Zero, they will be walking in the shadow of a Islamic place of worship. This ‘mosque’ is actually a cultural center that will house recreational and community facilities and some rooms for prayer. Also, this center will be located two blocks from the closest part of Ground Zero, where it cannot be seen from the site of the terrorist attacks. Oh, speaking of ignorant, when TIME did their poll, they noted that 24% of people think Obama himself is a Muslim.

And now on the horrible prejudices of the American people. Apparently many think that Al-Qaeda speaks for the entire Muslim community, that the actions of a tiny extremist group are reflective of the wishes of the entire Islamic society. If we all could distinguish between radicals and moderates perhaps the huge 61% of people who oppose the construction of Park51 would be greatly diminished. But many conservative and moderates of America are pushing that this center insults the victims of the attacks, implying that the actions of Al-Qaeda are supported by the moderate American Muslims.

So now, people want to bar others from enjoying religious freedom and a community atmosphere just because a small element distantly related to them is a bad egg. This prejudice extends beyond this cultural center. According to the TIME poll, nearly one third of respondents believe that Muslims should be barred from the office of the President, and 26% believe that no Muslim should be allowed to sit on the Supreme Court.

This whole debacle is absolutely ridiculous, and those parties involved with creating this controversy, the manipulative media and the ignorant fools and bigots of our society; SHAME ON YOU.

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