Identifying a rock star business coach

Posted on Sep 23 2010 at 11:59:23 AM in B2B

Identifying a rock star business coach

With aspirant business coaches increasing in number with practically every passing moment, it is imperative that one tries to identify traits that determine a truly successful as well as effective business coach from a run of the mill “wannabe”. In this post, we review certain factors that help identify what one would call as a rock star business coach.

Prior business experience

However good a business coach may be, as an orator as well as an illustrator of real life examples pertaining to business coaching, unless the person has been in a corporate environment personally, it is unlikely that the executive coaching meted out would be truly effective. This is because, irrespective of the anecdotes that a person might be able to rattle off with impeccable ease, unless the person actually has undergone life in a corporate setting personally, the much needed credibility will just not be there. It is akin to a person who does not know how to fly, giving instructions to others on becoming a pilot – would you consider hiring such a person as a flying instructor? In all probability, you would not.

A personal connect with mentees

This is essential; all business coaches or life coaches must be able to establish a personal connect with their mentees; similarly, their mentees must also be able to perceive a personal touch or a feeling emanating from the business coach they are looking to draw inspiration from. Else, if the business coach maintains a high ground and does not connect personally wherein the mentees too sense a feeling of detachment, then however much the executive coach might be addressing immensely relevant aspects pertaining to life and business, the overall impact will just not be there. Therefore, it is imperative that the business coach leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that there is a personal connect with the audience. This includes not speaking “down” to the audience, but always doing so at the same level as the coach.

Experience in the same niche

Somewhat related to the first point, this aspect is crucial – not only should the business coach in question have real life corporate experience, that experience should also ideally be in the same niche for which coaching is being sought, or the platform(s) on which the same is being given. For instance, if the executive coaching being imparted, largely pertains to sales and marketing or perhaps with regard to ways in which one could become a more powerful and effective salesman, then a business coach with an HR background may not really be the ideal person for this kind of coaching.

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