Idealized vs Practical Cure

Posted on Oct 21 2011 at 04:57:27 PM in Diseases

We posted a new report over at the JDCA: about the differences between a Practical Cure for type 1 diabetes, or something with real, achievable goals that we can aim for, and an Idealized cure, which is pretty much the vague, undefined cause the major foundations use funding for.

Our full report is here:

So I want to hear from you guys - what do you think? Pretty much all of the major foundations do not have any clear or specific objectives when it comes to the donor money they are investing in the search for a cure. On one hand, yes, there are many things you can not predict in the research labs, but then again, that should not be an excuse to throw all this money into vague and undefined causes. Unless we get the foundations to start making goals and setting timelines, this is going to continue for the foreseeable future and we are not going to get closer towards a cure.

If you are a donor, or if you ever plan on dating money towards type 1 research - wouldn't you be more comfortable knowing exactly where it is going, who it is going to be helping, what they are working on, and what objectives they hope to meet? Or would you simply be ok with dropping the money "For a cure" and letting the foundations use it however they please?

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