I miss the little things

Posted on Apr 26 2012 at 11:15:21 AM in Personal

I miss the little things

There are so many things to miss when you're not around someone all the time.  Some things we tend to take for granted when we're in a long-term relationship.  The good thing about being in a long-distance relationship is that you don't get time to take anything for granted.  You tend to appreciate everything about your partner so much more.

Sure, I miss some of the more obvious physical things about our relationship.  Like when he holds me tight or kisses me when he comes home from work.  His smile and the sparkle in his aquamarine-colored eyes just melt me.   And, yes, I miss our sexual intimacy.  Making love to him is very satisfying indeed.  But, that's not what makes up our entire relationship.

There are so many little things are just as important to me as the physical aspect of our relationship.  I miss seeing his face when he teases me and makes me laugh.  I miss the way he always asks for my opinion on what to eat.  And, when I'm washing dishes, he'll come up behind me an hug me.   Every day he places a chair by the door so when he gets home from work he can sit and take his boots off without tracking mud and dirt all over the floor.  On days when I'm at his place he won't put the chair there.  He doesn't want it to be in my way.  So, about an hour before he usually gets home, I'll place the chair there for him.  When I'm not there, I miss that excitement of anticipation that I feel just before he gets home.

I miss his bed.  (Left side=his  Right side=mine) I definitely miss his bed!  He tells me that his bed gets lonesome without me.  "It asked me where you were last night and said that it missed you," he teased me one day.  I miss snuggling in bed next to him.   Most women hate the fact that their significant other snores.  To me, it's music to my ears.  I long to have my head on his chest and hear him snore in my ear.  When I reposition myself during the night, he'll reach out to touch me to make sure I'm still there.  That makes my heart flutter.  Because, that tells me that he really loves me and doesn't want me to leave.

I miss waking up to his alarm and having him lean over and give me a kiss just before he pulls an extra blanket over me and tucks me in.  After he gets out of bed, I go back to sleep for a few more hours and he heads off to work.  When I wake up for the second time, my eyes search his side of the bed knowing that he isn't there.  I move over to his side of the bed and tuck his pillow under my head.  Then my gaze travels to the foot of the bed and over to the picture of his daughters that sets on the table below the window clad in a wolf blanket/curtain.  I say good morning to the girls and then grab my phone and text a good morning message to Jeff. 

I also miss the sound of his voice and his laughter.  We don't get to talk that much when we're apart.  He calls me about twice a week.  Each time we talk, our conversations don't last more than 10 minutes.  So, when I get to hear his voice for more than 10 minutes, I cherish the sound of his voice.

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