"I’m coming out part 4” Or "Why Prince needs to stick to singing."

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"I’m coming out part 4” Or "Why Prince needs to stick to singing."

Please read parts one through three first..enjoy.

Purple Rain, Sign of the Times, Under the cherry moon…Man I love Prince’s music. Iv’e seen him preform at least 10 times in three different cities. Anyone that knows me personally knows Prince is probably my favorite male music artist. This is why it pains me to say that i think his political views are extremely ignorant. Let me explain. So I’m doing research for a project when I come across a 2009 interview prince did with PBS’s Tavis Smiley. Like I said, I’m a fan so I was interested beyond my initial task. During the interview Prince made some rather bold comment's about “America feeling like a plantation” and it's people being indentured servants. To that remark Tavis responded. “We’re indentured servants and we got a black president now” Prince then stated “Well I don’t vote, I don’t have nothing to do with it. I got no dog in that race. Tavis goes on to ask why ?  “The reason why is because I’m one of "Jehovah’s Witnesses”and we’ve never voted. He then went on to complement President Obama and babbled on about Prophecy and how in London they talk about religion all of the time on their UN news feeds…Whatever that means.

Is it me, or don't "Jehovah’s Witness” and other Churches receive a Tax exempt Status from the Government ? I wonder if having that PRIVILEGE revoked would shock them into voting. If you ask me an exemption for religion is nothing more than affirmative action for an antiquated institution. It would be damn near impossible to live in the United States and not depend on Government services at some point.Why anyone would passively allow the country they live in to be shaped without their input Is beyond me. How does one reconcile living in a society where they don’t do anything pro-activly to affect the political process, Yet they benefit from and complain about said process. What rational reason could there be for not voting ?…There is none!  My question is, Do these people care about or contribute anything unique to the body politic ? Why should Organization's such as these receive special treatment ?

 How does one even begin to reason with a person that thinks in such archaic terms ? Someone so blinded by faith ( literally the act of not thinking ) That they can’t even understand the argument. Prince says we’re “Indentured servents” Well guess what Mr Nelson ? If it wasn’t for a great deal of “Politicking” You would be even LESS than the “Indentured servant” you claim to be. I bet it’s easy to say “I don’t vote” When you sit in a multimillion dollar Mansion. THAT reality, would not have been possible except for the fact that people fought  and died for your right to vote! Not Jesus or Jehovah...real people.

  Without The Voting Rights Act of 1965 Prince would not be what he is today…That is a fact!  It’s not like Prince was born in the 1980’s and views society through the prism of MTV. This cat was born in the 1950’s. In other words he saw the struggle for equality first hand. "Indentured Servants” No boss…Your wealthy. Thanks to the people that paved the way for you…IN BLOOD!!  “I ain’t got no dog in that race” YES YOU DO!!!  Just because your too ignorant to know it, does not negate the fact. As for the rest of the “Witnesses.”  The poor and middle class one’s down here in the trenches with the rest of us…You’re all just dead weight…You heard me! Dead weight. If it was up to me i would sue to have your tax exempt status revoked. You don’t deserve special privileges. You may not "do politics" but i guarantee you politics is “Doing You”  every day. With or without your consent. 

 To be an adult person ( especially one of color ) in the United States of America, in the year 2012 and not vote, is socially treasonous. Prince will be affected ( Yet insulated by status  and wealth ) by political decisions just like the next person, yet he and his religious brethren choose to remain inert. What a waste of a powerful voice. John 17:14 says  God doesn’t belong to “The World” and neither do his followers or some such nonsense. JW’s have literally taken this to mean that they should not vote nor hold political office. Query, What kind of god would ask his “Witnesses” to exist in a society, under laws created and enforced by non Witnesses ? Wow, Jehovah sure does “Work in mysterious ways”  “If it doesn’t make sense, then it’s probably not true.”  This idiocy all stems from sheep-minded people  following a nonsensical book and believing in bronze age BS. I thought I would never utter this phrase, but “If you don’t vote, You don’t count.” Any group that decides to sit on the sidelines and not actively participate in govnerment, will get the govnerment that they deserve.


Because i said so…Kidding ;p

During the 08 Presidential election there was a series of televised debates and town hall meetings. One such event was the "Saddleback Civil forum on the Presidency.” This faith themed event Was  hosted by Pastor, Rick Warren head of the aforementioned Saddleback church. The first question any person guided by reason must ask themselves is why ? Why would we as a society, waste time on anything not germane to electing the next Commander-In- Chief. The reason American’s in particular do this is because the overwhelming majority of us believe in some form of God, faith or higher force. As a matter of fact “We” believe it so much, that America would have a difficult time ( To say the least ) electing an individual that was either agnostic or atheist. My thought is, Would it not behoove us to elect the person that is going to do the best job irrespective of a belief or lack there of ? What if the individual best qualified to lead America had absolutely no faith at all ? Would American’s really be so stupid as to vote against their own interest in favor of a lesser qualified believer…”YOU BETCHA!”  ( Wink )

Instead of the candidate’s being interviewed by Rick Warren, Maybe we should have gone a different route. Perhaps oh, I don’t know maybe, Someone that was qualified to talk about, Say, Something OTHER THAN BULL-SHIT!!!  “Does evil exist?” WTF are we five ? What kind of question is that ? I mean seriously. You have quite possibly the next leader of the free world in front of you and this is what you ask ? Any political candidate vying for the presidency of the United States should be questioned by  Multiple panels of our greatest thinkers in areas important to the Republic. Science, The Economy, Military matters, Education, The Environment, Health care. Not illogical superstitions and fairy tales. Do you remember when the United States was #1 ? The only way to get there again is by steering our people away from myths, and focusing our energy on subjects of substance. In other words, GROW UP!

Go Lakers


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