I know you are out there . . .

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I know you are out there . . .

I wish there was a simple way for me to explain why I'm creating this blog, yet I have not been able to come up with a simple answer. Crazy enough, I do wish to help someone out there that may possibly be going through, or have been through, similar situations as I have. Though I wish to be clever in my writing and as empathetic as possible, I can only write what is on my mind at the time I click "publish post."

This is for the "late bloomers" without a clue of how they fit within the gay black community, or gay community in general.

This blog is . . .

For those who question these ridiculous standards that have been placed out there for us to fall into (ie thugs, rough trade, fems, twinks, and whatever other stereotype depicted in the media via blogs, TV, porn, and social networking sites).

For those who often feel inadequate because they may feel that they really don't have a place within any of those "standards."

The list goes on . . .My heart goes out to you.

Every gay man's discovery to self-acceptance is different. My journey differed from the majority of guys I've chatted with in my city, as well as those I've chatted with through Yahoo (my way of gaining a support system) and other sites. As much as I'd like to start from the beginning to give details of how far I've come (still got a ways to go), and work my way to the now, I want it to be as authentic as possible without having to sound like some "memory lane" bullshit.

I know I'm not the only one out there that may think the way I do, but I have yet to truly discover those type of people. Reach one, then teach one, I guess.

Nonetheless, I know you are out there.

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