I Have Limited Amounts of Time for Date Night

Posted on Dec 11 2012 at 08:31:17 AM in People

I Have Limited Amounts of Time for Date Night

When people talk about women in the workforce, conversations often focus on glass ceilings, discrimination and women’s rights.  Well, I think we may have missed something…

Working 40+ hours a week not only keeps me up worrying about my career path, but it has an impact on my available time and *most importantly* my beauty sleep for date night.  Whether I’m working on a tight deadline or I need to attend a client happy hour, my work often extends far beyond a normal 9-5 position and into hours that I could be spending QT with my main squeeze.  Or, even more importantly, my friends’ work often bumps into the time that they could be out meeting eligible suitors.  (Hello.  Watching Bachelor on DVR at odd hours of the night after we’ve excelled at work, cooked, done the dishes and found time to walk the dog will *sadly* only get us so far, ladies.)

I don’t need to remind you how men have it easy.  They can get home by 7, shower, stuff a burger down the throat and be at the neighborhood watering hole with some cold suds by 7:45.

So, what should we do?   How do we find (yet again) ways to juggle our professional and personal lives and look *hot* while doing it?!  To read more, click here.

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