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Posted on Nov 1 2011 at 04:01:50 PM in Religion & Spirituality

Do you remember that politician, Richard Blumenthal, that "exaggerated" his military service in Vietnam to try and bolster his Connecticut Senate race?

So anyway, I just recently came across his apology to the American People and I learned so much about the art of the apology.

1. Talk about how great you are.
2. Talk about how great the people you hurt by your lies are.
3. Relate how great you are to what you are apologizing for.
4. Downplay the event.
5. Express your regret and except all responsibility.
6. Be indignant towards your accusers.
7. Repeat how great you are and that your proud of yourself.
8. Thank everyone.
9. Open the floor for questions.

That being said, TVWM I have something to say.

I am a great person and a respecter of all laws.  Not only am I a good person, I am a good driver.  I have been driving since I received my drivers license in 1990 and I continue driving to this day.  Driving within the confines of the law for the betterment of society. 

I am proud to be a driver and I fully support ALL the drivers across the globe.  Drivers who daily place themselves in harms way to go to work, drop the kids off at school, or even to swing by the local Jamba Juice for a Strawberrys Wild.  These drivers deserve our respect and admiration for their courageous behavior.

The other day, while I was dropping our son, Stephen, off at his friend Zack's house I wasFORCED by circumstance to bend the traffic laws of this fine nation for the good of all mankind.  During the trip I found myself running late and stuck in traffic.   Unable to continue toward my destination, and with a traffic cop in front of me, I waited until I knew the officer was completely boxed in and could not follow me, then I turned left and headed the wrong way down a one-way road. 

After ending up on a dead-end road, I made the only decision possible, driving on the railroad tracks to a road that was not at a stand still due to traffic.   Of course, I did not use the train tracks until the train passed, thus ensuring our safe passage. 

As one can plainly see, there were no other viable alternatives,  but I do express a deep regret for anyone I may have hurt as a result of this unavoidable event.  I accept all responsibility for my actions, but I will NOT, however, allow this incident or my detractors to diminish my support for drivers everywhere.  Drivers who deserve the very best from me, and all others, drivers and non-drivers alike.

I would again like to say how great a person and driver I am, and I am proud that I have been able to enjoy these last 20 years behind the wheel.  I hope to continue driving for years to come to help show all those cruising down our nation's highways how much I respect and admire them.

Thank you for your time.

I will answer any questions.


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