Hypnotic Induction- How To Hypnotize Someone

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Hypnotic Induction- How To Hypnotize Someone

Before a person is placed under hypnosis, a procedure known as ‘hypnotic induction’ must occur. What Hypnotic Induction is a strategic set of placed indicators to test the strength of a particular person’s susceptibility  and suggestibility to the process of hypnosis.

So here are some of my favorite Hypnotic Induction techniques to induce the hypnotic trance. The good thing is that hypnotic trance induction is easier than many people would assume. Like any great hypnotist knows, it is imperative to be very knowledgeable on each piece and step in the progression of hypnosis, so please make sure you read all the content on the site to be a master of hypnosis. Following my instructions here will allow you to successfully induce a hypnotic trance on a patient.

Hypnotic Induction Techniques

The “Continual Relaxation” Technique

This technique to induce hypnosis is just what it sounds like, this is where you progressively allow your patient in a state of relaxation until you are able to access their subconscious mind. You help the subject to relax but this is greatly increased with the correct hypnotically suggestive language otherwise known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP. Please stop by the NLP section of the site here. It is strongly recommended that you read up on the NLP section as this will help make you a more complete hypnotist and allow your success rate to increase significantly. This is the script I like to use with my patients while I place them under Hypnotic Induction

“Now I want to thank you for sitting down with me, just make yourself comfortable and lay on the couch for me. Now we will go into a hypnotic trance state and this state is very relaxing and a pleasurable sensation. You have come here tonight to be hypnotized. Now, I don’t know if you will GO INTO TRANCE QUICKLY or take a longer to bask in all the pleasurable experiences that trance offers. Trance, a natural phenomena, happens all the time, everyday everyone of us GOES INTO TRANCE at least two times. You ENTER THE HYPNOTIC STATE as you awake and again at the end of the night as you GO TO SLEEP. You also GO INTO TRANCE during the day. How many times did you drive home and forgotten which route you took? This is a mild level of trance that we, everyday, experience. The sole difference between when you GO INTO TRANCE on our own and when you GO INTO TRANCE with the aid of a hypnotist is you don’t have any direction to follow so you just wake up.

Now before we begin I want to make sure that your not touching anything other than your body comfortably resting on the couch. If your wearing a tight belt or shoes just go ahead and LOOSEN them so that your not uncomfortable. Excellent.

Now before we begin the induction process I would like to make a couple points clear. For starters I’m not going to make you do anything comical. And if you have a fear that you may not wake up, you needn’t worry because to awaken a hypnotized subject is as easy as counting to three and saying wide awake. If anything happens to me while you’re hypnotized you will wake spontaneously or drift into a natural sleep and wake up normally.

So as you sit on the couch with your hands resting on your lap, you are wondering how it is that your are going to GO INTO TRANCE. Just relax and keep your hands on your lap. Thats fine.

Now as an excercise we are going to rest our bodies. I will help you to do this and to start I would like you to close your eyes. Now take three deep breathes. Breathe in…of your body, and again. Breathe in…hold it for a second…now breathe out and as you do allow all your tension to flow out of your body, and again. Breathe in…hold it for a second…now breathe out and as that warm breath leaves your body you can feel the tension flowing away from you. Now, once more. Breathe in…hold it for a second..now breathe out allowing your shoulders to drop a little as you do; thats fine.

I want you to draw your attention to your eyes. Imagine your eyes closing down again, as you do this, your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier. That’s fine, simply imagine your eyes closing down again all by themselves as your eyelids are becoming heavier and heavier. Your eyes are closing down tighter and tighter now and should you try in vain to open your eyes, they will stay glued shut. I do not want you try to open your eyes are sealing shut tight, stuck down tight. You can even feel the glue holding your eyelids together, your eyes are stuck now, glued together tighter and tighter.

When I count to three I want you to try in vain to open your eyes, the more you try the harder it gets, stuck down tightly now when I count to three I want you to repeat “my eyes are tightly glued shut, my eyes are tightly glued shut.” As you try to open them…1..2..3.. try in vain to open your eyes, but the harder you try the tighter they become tightet and tighter stuck closed. O.K. Relax and stop trying to open your eyes, the glue has gone away and your eyes are comfortable.

Now we’re going to slow everything down and LISTEN TO THE SOUND OF MY VOICE you can allow yourself to GO INTO TRANCE. Relax the tiny muscles around your eyes and imagine them closing them again.  Now, feel that wonderful relaxing sensation spread down your face and relax the tiny muscles at the sides of your mouth, that’s fine. Check to make sure that your jaw is not clamped up shut, relax your jaw and allow your mouth to fall freely and comfortably open. As you relax the tiny muscles around your mouth, you can feel your whole face ease a little

Imagine this feeling of relaxation as a colour that is slowly spreading over your face. You can see this colour in your mind as it begins to soak into your cheekbones and your jaw. Bringing a wonderful relaxing sensation with it as it does. Now, visualise that colour as the sensation begins to creep into your neck. You can feel the wonderful colour soaking into your neck. Slowly spreading down to your shoulders, you can drop your shoulders a little more with each out breath and as you do, this allows you to BREATHE A LITTLE MORE DEEPLY than you normally do.

That’s fine, TAKING YOU deeper and deeper INTO TRANCE as that colour slowly creeps down your arms taking that wonderful sensation of warmth and relaxation with it. Creeping down your arms now and slowly being absorbed by every muscle in your arms soaking into the bones as you GO INTO TRANCE. Now, the wonderful relaxing colour has reached you hands and here we can RELAX YOUR HANDS. That’s fine and now the first trick in physical relaxation is to RELAX EACH AND EVERY FINGER, because if YOUR FINGERS ARE RELAXED your arms must be. So, as I pause for the first time, just imagine that wonderful relaxing colour spreading down to the tip of each and every finger. (Pause for a few seconds) That’s fine

Now your arms are completely relaxed and once again you can draw your attention to your shoulders. Feel the tension released as you drop your shoulders a little with each deep, relaxing and warm out breath until they feel quite free. Now, that sensation, that colour, that relaxing experience is beginning to DRIFT DOWN your body. FLOWing DOWN through you chest DOWN DEEPer and deeper and as it soaks into you, you can allow your body to SIMPLY DRIFT OFF. DRIFTing DOWN now into a nice comfortable relaxing state, that’s fine. Now as that colour begins to soak into your stomach you can feel your stomach RELAX and listening only to the sound of my voice YOU know that there ARE no embarrassments between us now and SAFE in this knowledge you allow your stomach to RELAX COMPLETELY as we approach the second trick in the relaxation process. If your stomach is relaxed then your torso must be. So as I pause for the second time allow your stomach to RELAX COMPLETELY. (Pause for a few seconds.) That’s fine.

As that wonderful sensation begins to spread down into your legs you can visualise that colour as it begins to soak deeper and deeper into your body, FLOWing DOWN into your legs now and, as it does, you can allow your thighs to RELAX, as though you’ve been running and now it is time for you to REST and as you REST you can visualise that colour soaking deep into your bones and taking that wonderful warm RELAXing sensation with it, allowing you to DRIFT DOWN deeper and deeper INTO TRANCE. That colour now slowly soaking into your calf muscles as it begins to spread down towards your feet you can feel that relaxing sensation follow and the colour is now soaking into your feet and your feet are BECOMing MORE and more RELAXED and as this sensation SITs AT THE very BOTTOM of your person your whole body is relaxed and your mind can RELAX too. Your body is completely RELAXed. I don’t want you to LOSE AWARENESS OF YOUR BODY just yet, simply bathe in this wonderful relaxing experienced that we call the hypnotic state.

Now, I would like you to focus your attention on your feet. Look at your feet in your mind’s eye and, as you do so this causes the colour of relaxation to slowly begin to glow out from your feet. This colour is beginning to get brighter and brighter and as it glows outwards in a magical haze it also soaks inward increasing that sensation of relaxation as it does. Glowing brighter and brighter now and as I count from one to ten it will race up your body, a pulsating glow of bright sensual colour racing up your body as I count, taking with it all the relaxation that you have ever experience.

One. That colour is spreading into your legs engulfing your calf muscles as it does. Two. Pushing its way up now, entering your thighs and bringing with it the most sensational experience of relaxation that you have ever experienced. Three. Rushing into your stomach now. Four. Racing up towards your torso. Five. Bursting into your chest as that glow gets brighter and brighter. Six. Engulfing your shoulders now in a wonderful, exciting sensation. Seven. Rushing down your arms and taking that sensation all the way past your elbows. Eight. Filling each and every finger now, from the skin to the bone glowing from your fingertips. Nine. As that sensation spreads into your neck and sends a wonderful experience up into the back of your skull, and ten! The colour finally races around each side of your head and as it crashes together at the front of your face it encapsulates your whole body. Now, it is getting brighter and brighter and the glow gets bigger and bigger and begins to race out from your body. Bursting out and racing across the room, filling the whole room with that wonderful colour. The colour is all around you it is soaking into you and glowing out of you, you are breathing it in and you are breathing it out.

When I count to three in the next few moments all that colour that has burst out and filled the room and beyond will race back into your body and as your body absorbs every last drop of this fantastic experience it takes you to a level higher and further than you have ever experienced before. 1… 2… 3! That colour is rushing back into your body now and bringing with it a sensational sensation. All that colour is now deep within you and as I count down from three to one it will cause your body to relax deeper than it has you relaxed before. 3, getting deeper 2, and deeper 1, and deeper down, down, down, deeper and deeper into trance, deeper and deeper into trance. That’s fine.

Now, as you listen to the sound of my voice it will take you into trance and as you hear the words that I am saying I want you to imagine that you are standing at the top of a beautiful flight of stairs, that’ fine. I want you to look down the stairs now in your mind’s eye. You can keep your eyes closed as you do this. Look down those stairs, there are ten stairs to this staircase and a I slowly count down from ten to one you will slowly walk down the staircase taking another step each time I say another number. This staircase is the staircase of relaxation and each step down that you take causes you to go deeper and deeper into trance.

Look down that staircase now and you will notice that on the right hand side is a banister, as you walk down the staircase I want you to hold that banister. You will find that you can do this mentally and imagine your hand holding that banister or you can actually reach out and grab hold of it. Now as I begin to count you will begin to slowly walk down the staircase of relaxation. 10 that’s fine, take your first step down the staircase of relaxation, 9 another step down and you can feel yourself going deeper and deeper, 8 deeper and deeper down the staircase of relaxation, 7 and as you take another step you become aware of the temperature of this staircase, 6 deeper and deeper down causing you to go deeper and deeper into trance, 5 you are half way down the staircase now and at the bottom you can see that a relaxing white mist is beginning to form, 4 as the mist at the bottom of the stairs gets thicker this causes you to go deeper and deeper into trance. 3 you can notice the feeling of the stairs beneath your feet and this takes you deeper and deeper into trance, 2 as that cloud of relaxing sensual mist at the bottom of the stairs continues to grow it causes you to go deeper and deeper into trance and 1 you are at the bottom of the stairs now and all around you is a wonderful mist. Although you cannot see it yet in front of you is a door and in a moment you are going to go through this door. When I count to three I want you to take a deep breath and breathe in all that relaxing colour. 1, 2, 3, breathe in, that’s fine, and hold it for a second, now breathe out and as you do that colour drifts out of your body and floats away taking any tension that you still had with it and leaving the area where you are standing clear and pure. In front of you is a door. I want you to go to this door now, that’s fine, and when I count to three you will reach out and grasp the handle and open this door and once you have you will walk inside and close the door behind you. As soon as you get inside this room you will see a bright white spotlight shining straight into your eyes. It will make you squint down hard and you will protect your eyes from this bright light by covering them with your hands. 1 – 2 – 3 reach out and open that door and go inside and you can see that bright shinning spotlight glaring into your eyes, squint down hard as you try to protect yourself from the blinding light by covering your eyes with your hands. When I click my fingers the light will go off and it will go dark again and you will leave the room and close the door behind you. 1 – 2 – 3 (click your fingers) All gone now, it’s O.K. Leave the room and close the door and as you do you will go twice as deep into trance….”

Hypnotic Induction Script

Now this is the entire script I use, it is very long but doesn’t take long to perform. The most important part of this is use of NLP language to produce this induction, thus the hypnotic induction needs to be wordy and descriptive for best success in inducing hypnosis.

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