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Remotely solution for computer technology and internet programming for professionals and students.Different ways to emphasis on the critical ways to solve problems remotely.Usually the way out is to either call a computer expert over or take the system to the nearest service centre. However, you can easily get help for common issues using a remote connection. Both Windows and MAC have IN-BUILT remote assistance features that allow you to share control of your desktop/laptop remotely with an expert over the Internet, who can then examine and solve the issue. 

The Remote Assistance feature first appeared in Windows XP. To enable this feature, go to the Control Panel > System and in the window that opens up, click on the Remote Tab. Check the box that says 'Allow Remote Assistance Invitations'. You can invite an expert you know to connect to your system via a secure remote connection by sending an email or by using Windows Messenger. 

Once connected, the expert will be able view your desktop screen, control your mouse and chat with you side-by-side in the remote assistance window. Note that you will need to share control of your system with the expert by clicking on the 'Take Control' button on top (a security feature). Once the expert solves your problem, you can disconnect the remote assistance session and start using your system. 

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