HTC One X Plus: One Amazing Smartphone T mobile Deals

Posted on Jan 7 2013 at 04:24:15 AM in Electonics

HTC One X Plus: One Amazing Smartphone T mobile Deals

Christmas is the time to shop gifts for your loved ones and if you are planning to buy a smartphone for someone close to you, HTC One X Plus is the one that gift you must consider – especially if the person you intend to gift is an young vivacious individual. Great styling and awesome features make it one of the best packaged smartphones in the UK market. Most carriers are offering attractive HTC One X Plus deals in a bid to woo customers this festive season. This phone comes with 1.7GHz Nvidia's Tegra 3+ quad-core processor offering great experience to the users. The phone has many features to talk about including the G-Sensor, Digital compass and Ambient light sensor.


Improved Storage One of the (albeit, slight) drawbacks in HTC One X was its storage space and this has been improved considerably in the HTC One X Plus which comes with 64 GB built in space. Also on offer is 25 GB of storage space on Dropbox for two years which makes this one of the highest capacity phones in its segment. This allows users to store lots of videos, games and apps on the phone. The HTC One X Plus has a 4.7-inch screen with 1,280x720-pixel HD display which offers great gaming and video experience to the users. The audio is of great quality with Beats Audio which is a trademark HTC technology. There also have been considerable improvements in the battery life with the new 2100 mAh battery adding to the phone’s backup by more than 50%. This is excellent news for the games and the users who use number of applications.


Improved Camera The 8.0 megapixel camera with advanced image processing technology allows users to capture minute details of the subject. HTC has added an LED to the new version of the phone which was one of the major downsides of its predecessors. The new camera also has ƒ2.0 wide aperture lens which improves the quality of images and makes it one of the best camera phones in the market. HTC One X Plus allows you to shoot high resolution videos which are further aided by the increased storage space and battery life.


HTC One X Plus on T mobile HTC One X Plus on T mobile comes with highly attractive offers this fall. You can get a HTC One X Plus contract on T Mobile starting £31.00 per month which also includes 900 minutes of talk time and 99999 with a contract of 24 months. There are many vendors in the United Kingdom who are offering such deals to the customers. These plans have been customized to cater to different categories of users.


HTC One X Plus is thus a great gift for your loved one this new years and you shouldn’t miss this irresistible offer.

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