How to Wash the Barbie Doll's Hair

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How to Wash the Barbie Doll

If you do not want to grow up or refuse to admit that you are too old to play with Barbie dolls then you probably still keep some of these plastic girls to remind you for the best days of your life. Well, there is noting to be ashamed of if your hobby is to collect Barbie dolls. After all, every girl knows what is to have a Barbie doll and how it could make you feel. On the other side, if you are not a Barbie collector but just have a little girl who loves playing with Barbie dolls and you want to learn how to keep the toy clean in order to protect your child from bacteria and germs in this article you will find out how to wash the part of the doll that attracts the biggest amount of dirt and dust – its hair.


One of the most common advice that London cleaners give to their clients is to wash the toys of their children regularly. Each toy can be a pleasant environment for different kinds of bacteria, germs and other harmful parasites. Therefore if you are a parent you should pay some extra attention to the things that your children play with. In the lines below the professionals will share with you one easy and effective cleaning procedure how to wash the Barbie hair.


  • To begin the cleaning procedure you should pour 3 cups of warm water into a bowl. Then add 1 cup of some fabric softener to the warm water. Mix well with a spoon. If the Barbie hair is knotted use equal amounts of water and fabric softener.


  • Then place the Barbie head into the solution. Let it to soak for a few hours or overnight. In the morning, take a Barbie comb to brush the doll's hair. You'd better start brushing from the ends of the hair working your way to the scalp. Then rinse the Barbie hair well with water to remove the fabric softener solution.


  • London cleaning professionals recommend to let the hair to air-dry before styling it. Do not ever use hair dryer to dry or form the hair of your Barbie!   


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