How to Use Stock Images

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How to Use Stock Images
by:  Dennis Nikols Senior Photographer at As I Found It and Ideal Totem

If you are thinking of designing your own web site, you could actually benefit from knowing a little bit more about choosing the right photos. Stock images are accessible from a range of Web sites. The quality and price vary from every company. Stock photo companies are all over the web. They are often called Microstock or stock image gallery sites. They allow you to buy individual images for your Web site. The prices can range from .50 cents to 5$ per image, depending on the resolution. The images are classified by subject and are available to be searched by keyword.

Choosing the right image for you should be pretty simple. You should ask yourself what are your typical audience and their gender. You should also consider the setting or the mood that you want to have for the Web site. According to your answers, you can choose the appropriate ambience and colors. For example, a Web site representing a spa treatment will use more calming and light colors. Use leafs to produce a Zen atmosphere with images that present smooth tones.

You can choose from the stock image gallery to create a Web site to promote a children’s daycare. Energetic kids with primary colors would be most appropriate for these kinds of Web sites.

Choose photos from the stock image gallery can be pretty simple. To find the right photos, you should enter the keywords in the search box. When a picture comes out on the screen, you should decide whether is the right image for you or maybe you can modify it in Photoshop. I recommend to first try and look for pictures with no need for modifications.

An advantage of choosing images from the stock gallery is that you can use their full potential or you can crop them however you want. Sometimes, just a small piece of the image can be ideal for your project, for instance, a woman’s eye, half a golf club and a country mailbox.

If you find a photo closer to what you are looking for, but not the right one for you, try to locate the photographer’s portfolio and look if they had taken similar photos. In addition you can use a tool called: “similar photos”. That tool brings up a lot of images with related keywords to the one you chose. This will open up a new window of photos, which are always worth checking out.

The stock image gallery offers you thousands of images that were taken by photographers worldwide. Stock images are ideal for low budget companies, just because you can save money and also time.

A very important thing to consider is that the stock galleries provide many images that are both interesting as well as unusual. Therefore, choosing the right stock images is essential when designing the correct website for you. You should check all the stock images that you are most interested in and make sure that the tone of the colors blends well with your website theme.

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