How to Treat Wax Stains

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If you burn candles, some wax is bound to spill. Minimize damage in advance by burning only white candles. The dye in coloured candles is much harder to remove.
For white wax on carpets or upholstery, cleaners Regents Park suggest trying the hot-and-cold method. First put some ice cubes into a plastic bag and place this on the wax for a few minutes to make the wax more brittle. Then scrape off the wax with the dull side of a table knife. Use a hair dryer on high to soften the remaining wax and scrape again. Put a layer of paper towels or white rags over the wax and  pass a warm iron over the area. Keep moving a clean area of the towels or tags onto the spot. Test some dry cleaning solvent on an inconspicuous area, and if does no damage, blot a little into the remaining wax stain.
For white wax on table linens or clothing, you still use the hot-and-cold method but with some variations. Put the item in a plastic bag and then into the freezer for half an hour before scraping. On washable items, saturate the final stain with a solution of 1 part methylated spirits and 2 parts of water and let it sit for half an hour. Rinse and then launder in the washing machine. Send non-washable items to the dry-cleaner.
If you are removing coloured wax, after freezing and scraping, use turpentine  on the rest of the wax. Test first and work on only tiny areas at a time, blotting with a rag. Only you can judge whether the treatment is worse than the disease, because it may damage some materials. Some dye may not be removable. Treat washable colourfast fabrics with bleach, following the directions on the packet. Then launder. For fine rugs or upholstery, consult professionals, such as cleaners Regents Park.
To remove wax from dishes and glass, heat with a hair dryer and then wipe with a cloth. Then keep wiping and polishing with used fabric-softener sheets.

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