How to take on Black Friday

Posted on Nov 2 2011 at 06:40:35 PM in Technology

Black Friday is a term originated in Philadelphia in 1966. Coined by the Philly policeman on the day after Thanksgiving when the streets were mobbed with shoppers. Today, retail stores will open extra early and offer deals on items store wide. For retailers, this is a day the busiest shopping day of the year. For shoppers, this is a day to get a great deal on your favorite apparel or electronics. I always do my Christmas shopping on Black Friday so I can get the best deals on what I am looking for.

I am a hawk when it comes to Black Friday. I create a list of what I want and what I need to purchase for presents. I then strategically strike the stores I need to at the precise time they open. At the end of the day I raise my hand in victory for all the money I have saved. Today I want to show you how to find the best deals for you and leave victorious.

First let's consider the biggest electronic releases this year. You can categorize them in 4 sections: Mobile, Video Games, Televisions, and Computers. Each category has their own strategy and particular stores to be on the lookout for.

MobileTablets and smart phones are the hot items this year in the mobile technology market. The iPad and the Galaxy Tablet 10.1 are the top tablets this year. Expect to find great deals at your local apple stores and cell phone stores/kiosks. They will be the ones posting deals right before Black Friday. Best Buy may also surprise you in their mobile section of their retail stores. They do carry fantastic dealsfrom time to time (I got my phone there). Video Games Do you have a kid that wants the new Nintendo 3DS or how about the new $249 PS3? Do you know anyone who wants Battlefield 3 or Marvel vs. Capom 3? Is it you? Than start searching for the deals before Black Friday. Game Stop is a great place to start. They post their deals a week before the monumental day of shopping. Bullmoose and Toys R Us are also a great place to search for some video game deals. Just be on the lookout so you won't miss anything. TelevisionsDo you want to see your favorite action movie jump off the screen? Well, so does everyone else. There is no doubt televisions are the biggest things to be selling on Black Friday. This will be the toughest category to hunt for. There are many stores that sell TVs and want you to buy them. Best Buy, Radio Shack, and Sears are just the big TV retail stores in my area. For online, look for Tiger Direct, Circuit City, and Newegg are your places to find the deals. Hopefully you will be playing your favorite video games on your new 3DTV after Black Friday. Computers This year you are going to see computers and their respective parts be cheaper than ever. Of course you need those extra gigabytes of RAM or than extra terabyte of Hard Drive space. Stores to look for are Best Buy and Staples. Typically they release their deals a week or two before Black Friday, so be on the lookout. For the online side of things, definitely look to Newegg and Tigerdirect. These are killer sites to see deals on. Newegg already has already started their Black November deals starting on November 1st.

Hop fully I am posting this early enough for you to start scouting the prime locations to purchase the electronics of your dreams. Please let me know what you find in the weeks to come. A bargain hunter always helps another bargain hunter.

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