How to Take Care of Your Tarnished Silver Ring?

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No matter if you like it or not , silver rings get tarnished with the time. If your ring is tarnishing or turning black, it is either sterling silver or silver plated. Tarnishing is a common reaction when silver is exposed to the air. Happily, it's easily to handle that. According to house cleaning London if you store your silver rings in a specially lined jewelry box or bag made for silver jewelry, you are likely not to have to deal with cleaning tarnished jewelry as frequently as you would otherwise. How to take care of a beautiful silver ring?

First, prepare a soapy-water solution and start working on the ring with it. Work with a soft toothbrush or cloth and carefully scrub or rub the tarnish off the ring. Use mixture of 1/2 cup of water combined with two or three drops of a mild liquid dish-washing detergent. After using that solution just rinse the ring in cold water and dry it with a clean rag. If the ring is still tarnished, proceed to one of the next steps.

In order to achieve better results you will have to try something stronger like silver jewelry cleaner or polish. If it doesn't have its own cloth, use a soft, lint-free rag. Work with a a dab of cleaner and rub the tarnish off with the cloth or rag. If you have a polishing cloth that is pretreated with a silver cleaner, you do not need a separate cleaner. Have in mind that the silver cleaners contain acids, so you should not soak your jewelry in it. Rinse your ring in cold water and dry it with a separate clean rag.

Combine baking soda and water together to prepare a paste, which also works well to remove tarnish from silver jewelry and can be used instead of a commercial cleaning product. According to most of the professional house cleaning companies, you will need to use three parts baking soda and one part water. Just put a dab of paste on a clean, soft cloth and rub the jewelry clean. As the tarnish transfers to the rag, dab another clean area with the cleaner and continue cleaning. After you finish, buff the ring with a clean area of the rag.


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