How to Take Care of Your Carpets

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How to Take Care of Your Carpets

It is still summer. The weather is hot and sunny. Some people use this time to go on a vacation somewhere near the sea, others think about what changes to make in their homes, such as cleaning, renovation work, reorganization, moving to a new place.

Here comes the consideration of how to perform the end of tenancy cleaning or where to clean the carpets. In this article I will talk about the carpet cleaning.

Keep in mind that if your carpet is new, meaning only 2-3 months old, it is not a good idea to vacuum and beat them so often. It is better to clean them with a brush.

Beating old carpets should aways be done on the backside. The question is how you can beat and wash your carpets in the big city.

Do not beat your carpet and rugs on the balcony, remember that you have neighbours. Better vacuum them regularly, and if there is a need of refreshing the old carpeting use a damp brush or a carpet cleaning machine. Another good idea for carpet cleaning is wiping them with a cloth damped with a vinegar solution.

You can take your carpets somewhere outside of the city and wash them there. A good destination is somewhere in the villages. Another good place for carpet washing is somewhere around a river, however the usage of commercial carpet cleaners is not recommended.

You can clean your carpets in the winter as well. Put the upper side of the carpet on some fluffy snow and beat it. Next just brush with a soft brush.

Of course the best decision is to hire a carpet cleaning Chiswick company. Professional cleaners have the equipment needed to provide you a perfectly cleaned carpeting with no efforts spent by you. This is the choice of many citizens as they save time, efforts and their neighbours anger.

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