How to Set Your Mind and Wardrobe Free

Posted on Nov 8 2011 at 03:49:12 AM in How-To

How to Set Your Mind and Wardrobe Free

Collecting things is not a sin. However being one twisted version of Plyushkin is not something that you can be proud of. So, if you have the habit to collect objects and clothes, in particular, then do not you think that is time to let things go and free a little space in your wardrobe?!


Usually people collect things because they associate them with some memory they want to keep forever. Yes, objects remind us for our past but each of our memories is stored in our minds and you do not have to live in chaos because you are afraid of losing the happiest moments of your life. This type of thinking sounds a little bit naive, do not you think so?! So, get rid of the clutter! And for the purpose, London cleaners will be happy to help you! Follow their tips to set your mind and wardrobe free!


  • You will need three boxes and a garbage bag. Label one of the boxes “store”, the other one “keep”. On the third one write “charity”. Remove all the garments from the wardrobe, one by one. You have to sort the things which you do not need, those which you will need, those which you will wear in the summer and the ones you have to throw away.


  • The clothes and things that you want to keep close, because sometimes you use them, place in the “keep” box. The items that are for the next season or you just do not need at the moment place in the “store” box. Any other item or garment that you will not wear or use and is suitable for use place in the “charity” box.


  • Put everything that is not good for use and you do not need in the garbage bag. When your wardrobe is empty use a portable vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust and grime from it. Place all the garments that you will wear this season back to their places. Then, London cleaning professionals recommend to take the “keep” box and place it in the wardrobe, below the clothes or on the top shelf. The “store” box you can place under the bed. Take the “charity” box to the church. You know what you should do with the garbage bag, right?! Well, it was not that hard to get rid of the clutter and I can bet that you still remember all the good memories?!...


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