How To Rewrite A Book

Posted on Jan 1 2013 at 10:28:59 AM in Literature

There is nothing more devastating than realizing the book you slaved over for months or even years needs to be rewritten. I am not talking about editing a book from beginning to end. I am talking about starting all over again with a blank page and completely rewriting it again from the very first word.


You will feel overwhelmed! You will feel impatient! You may want to burst into tears, but you will do it because you can! Yes, it is dreadful, painful, and hard to take apart a book that you’ve already written to rewrite it, but it can be done and in the end you may end up with a gem that you can be proud of.


I had to do this. I had been writing a series for five years when I suddenly felt disconnected from it. How could this happen, I asked myself. How could I possibly lose interest in writing a series that I’ve spent a good part of my life writing?


The answer to that question was the fact that I grew up, matured, and the book didn’t reflect who I was as an adult. There may be other reasons why a writer may all of a sudden feel disconnected from their work. Maybe it’s because of writers block, maybe they are not cut out to be a writer, or maybe a part of their subconscious realized that the story they’ve been working on isn’t so good after all.


Whatever the reason is, when you find yourself in this position and you have a passion to write, do not fret!


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