How to Remove Water Stains from Furniture

Posted on Nov 22 2011 at 01:52:25 AM in How-To

Sometimes stain removal is such a big challenge. You try your best to get rid of those terrible water stains on your furniture but nothing helps. If you are familiar with the right techniques, you will be able to deal with this problem in no time. Check out the next useful tips.


Before you start cleaning the furniture, house cleaners Melbourne recommend that you determine the type of furniture that you have. This step is very important because it will prevent you from performing a cleaning process that will not be worth and could even cause some damage.


Wooden furniture is usually lacquered but it could get some water marks. They could be caused just by a wet glass but removing them might seem really difficult. In order to get rid of the unpleasant stain, you will need an abrasive cleaner. Get some rubbing alcohol and apply a small amount of it to a clean and soft cloth. Rub gently the affected spot until the stain fades away. When it is completely gone, wipe with another clean cloth. Then, use some furniture polish to buff the wood.


Leather furniture could also get water stains when it is in contact with water. Start the removing process with dampening a soft cloth with water. Don't make it too wet, because that is not necessary. Rub the cloth carefully, working from outside to inside of the affected spot. When the stain is gone, let the leather dry by the air. Then, you should use some leather polish to make the leather look even better.


If you have to remove a water stain from fabric furniture, the best you can do is to use your iron to steam the affected area. In advance, you should place a towel on the stain and press hard to absorb the excess water. You could also dampen the stained area and then, apply some mild soap. Rinse with water and dry by pressing a towel firmly on the spot.


Removing water marks from furniture can be done easily if you keep the above tips in mind, In case you face any problem, give a call to house cleaning Melbourne to help you.

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