How to Remove the Snow Accumulation on Your Car

Posted on Jan 26 2012 at 04:57:22 PM in How-To

If you area driver and you live somewhere where the climate conditions vary , you will certainly will face one probably the snow accumulation removal from your car. In the good case you can store your car in the garage. However, not everybody have their own parking spots. In case you are one of these people you will need a good and fast technique for the snow removal.

Considering that cleaning London experts provide the following tips on how to clean up the snow accumulation on your car for no time:

Before each procedure you should be aware that you will always need to have on hand your snow boots, snow gloves, snow scraper/brush, ice chipper and snow shovel (optional). That is all you need to handle the task fast.

To begin the removal process dress appropriately, with warm, waterproof gloves, winter clothing and high-topped snow boots.

Choose one side of the car from where to begin. Take the long-handled snow scraper, push the snow on the roof of the car as far to the other side as you can reach. When the roof is almost perfectly clean, proceed pushing the snow on the rear window, trunk, windshield and hood. Are you done?

Go to the other side of your vehicle. Remove the piled-up snow on that side again using the snow scraper.

Take the snow brush to loose any snow that hasn't come off the windshield, hood or headlights.

After that comes the turn of your ice chipper. Work with it on your car surface to get rid of any snow that has melted and refrozen into ice on the windshield. Last, take your snow shovel to clean the snow from around your tires. This is really important so you can pull out of the parking spot, especially in case your car is truly buried.

London cleaning team wish you safe and flawless ride!

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