How to Remove Suntan Lotion From Your Clothes

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How to Remove Suntan Lotion From Your Clothes

Surely we all love going to the beach, and most certainly all of us are familiar with the risks of burning from the suns rays. In order to prevent that from happening and for the sake of our skin, we should use protection. There are various products which you can use, but all of them leave pretty nasty stains on clothing. And the fact that most suntan lotions and products are water resistant, removing such a stain can be a real burden. Here are some effective ways to remove suntan lotion from your clothes.

First of all, make sure to remove all the excess lotion from the piece of clothing, using something dull, perhaps a credit card. Don't use any pressure, all you need to do is to remove what's left of the lotion, without rubbing it deeper within the fabric. You can also try with a paper towel – gently place a paper towel on the stained area, so it can absorb the product.

After removing the excess lotion, soak the stained clothing in a bucket of lukewarm water and white vinegar. All you need is just a little bit of vinegar, don't pour the whole bottle. The acetic acid which white vinegar contains is ideal for removing stains of all kinds and has proven itself to be very effective in such situations. Let the clothes soak for at least an hour, so the vinegar can work its magic.

After the fabric had sat enough you can wash it as usual. If the stain still remains you can try out the next tip – using salt or baking soda. Dampen the stain with a little bit of white vinegar and sprinkle enough salt to cover it. Salt is a great stain remover and it has been used effectively over the years. Again - let the salt sit for a while, afterwards you can remove it by simply rubbing it out. Salt does the trick in 8/10 situations.

Suntan lotion stains are really tough to remove, yet not impossible. Follow these steps and see for yourself that a stain such as these can be removed easily. Even professional cleaners Melbourne professionals use green cleaners effectively in their line of work.

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