How to protect your home

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How to protect your home

Unlike myself, most people leave their homes on a fairly regular basis, whether it is for work or to go out and socialize. Patrick was one of those individuals that spent odd hours away from home, especially when he left his  home in the wee hours of the morning to head to the bakery. Because he was in the habit of leaving his wife at home by herself, Patrick decided to install a security system to help protect the place and provide him with piece of mind. He did his homework and asked around and finally came up with an alarm system that came with surveillance cameras which could be monitored from inside the residence. Because of what it does, a security alarm system will likely deter the possibility of a home invasion by unwelcome guests, not to mention the fact that your home security system will also give you the heads up when other unwelcome guests like fire come calling.


The reports and statistics on marriage are not the best, a fact that many have used as an excuse to run away from a relationship. There is nothing good about divorce, because what it all boils down to is everybody loses. While there may be a few marriages that are still standing solid, many are swinging in the wind and a straw away from some sort of separation. The younger generation believe that the only thing needed to succeed is a marriage license and they will be set for life, if only that were the case. Helen and Walter were married for 45 years andalthough they had their ups and downs, there was never an option for choosing divorce in their relationship. We make it entirely to easy for marriages to head for annihilation and not enough time is spent on the couple making it work, then again, it seems to be the consensus that marriage has no value anyway, so why bother.

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