How to Prevent a Fire on New Year's Eve?

Posted on Dec 30 2011 at 05:12:59 AM in How-To

How to Prevent a Fire on New Year

With 2012 knocking on our doorstep, many people are making final preparations for their New Year's party. And many of those preparations involve dangerous fire crackers and literally explosives. Well, no one is going to blow up dynamite on new years, but for sure there are going to be many fireworks launched, so to prevent creating a huge fire, a person has to know how to use them properly. Proper firework usage is needed not only for preventing fires to occur, proper firework usage saves lives, not to mention that it saves a lot of work for the cleaners in Melbourne.

There are many varieties of firecrackers and fireworks being sold in stores. From ground spinners through flying ones, fountains, parachutes, roman candles, sparklers, snakes and strobes and many, many more. But no matter what fireworks you are using you should always take the proper measures when dealing with explosives.


  • Never let children get their hands on the firecrackers! Children do not understand how dangerous can firecrackers be. An explosion may cause severe damage to the eyes, burns to the skin, even ruptures and thorned fingers.
  • Never experiment with fireworks indoors! Indoor usage is the main cause for fires to occur, and a fire is just the thing we are trying to prevent.
  • Don't blow firecrackers when you are not sober! Alcohol is a common enemy to pyromaniacs, it makes you brave, and being brave in this matter is more like being plainly stupid
  • If a fire occurs, do not try to put it down with water! Water contains oxygen, which can make the fire even larger than it already is, try putting it out with a blanket or with your jacket if necessary. If things get worse, call the fire department immediately!
  • When launching missiles of any kind, it is always a good idea to use a base of some kind. A tube, a bottle or whatever you think of, which can keep the missile in vertical position  

Always think, before you use fireworks of any kind. Preparations are required before launching whatever is to be launched. You know how messy can things get, so always be cautious when you experiment with explosives. Not only that knowledge saves lives, but it also can save you from the terrible burden of cleaning. Well, for that you have cleaning services Melbourne to do it for you, but imagine what will happen if a fire occurs on new years eve?

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