How to Preserve Wool Jacket

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One of the best solutions for the cold winter days are the wool jackets. They are extremely warm, durable and also very current. Preserving such garment may seem to you like a unbearable task . It may not be as easier as washing an ordinary t-shirt, but it is not difficult too. there are certain cleaning methods you can take advantage of, that will make your wool jacket look like the way you bought it for no time. In addition, home treatment option will save you a lot of valuable efforts, but most of all additional expenses.

Learn how to preserve your wool jacket from the following tips provide by cleaners Wembley:

To begin take a garment brush and collect all debris accumulated on the surface of your jacket . If you don't have such bush on hand , you may work with a soft, damp cloth.

Fill a large tub, such as your bathtub, with lukewarm water. Have in mind that you should never work with hot water when cleaning wool material. It will only shrink the your jacket.

Pour two tablespoons of a gentle detergent into the water and stir thoroughly to dissolve the product well. Try not to use general laundry detergents, and even detergents such as Woolite, as their alkaline levels are high. They are likely to strip the fibers in the wool. Instead, use a gentle detergent such as commercial dish soap.

Dip the wool jacket in the solution. Allow it to soak in for about five minutes. After that rise up and push the wool jacket back down into the water several times.

Take the jacket out of the cleaning mixture and gently squeeze out the excess water. Don't Try to wring the wool material!

Drain out the used water. Wipe the tub surface so that there is no remaining soap on its walls. Fill the tub again with clean, detergent-free lukewarm water.

Submerge your garment again in the water in the same manner . After a few minutes, take it out and carefully squeeze the excess water from the wool fibers. In case the water runs away slightly soapy, you should repeat the rinsing process again until it starts to run completely clean.

After that place the cloth on a thick towel. Roll the towel with the jacket inside of it to draw out any remaining water from the jacket. Unroll and remove the jacket. To finish just lay the wool jacket on a flat surface and leave it to dry overnight. Never expose it on a direct sunlight!

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