How to prepare for a train wreck

Posted on May 13 2012 at 09:09:47 PM in Finance & Investment

How to prepare for a train wreck

It was a long day at work and we were sitting down to dinner, as we usually did, I turned the television on to watch jeopardy, but the only thing that I saw was a bunch of snow. I checked the connections as I thought about what could possibly have happened to the signal, especially since it was working fine last night. Before I even started dialing the cable company, my wife informed me that that they were upgrading the equipment nearby to improve our service.


Naturally I was worried about how long the service would be like that so I determined that I would make my phone call to the company and find out for myself. I never got a chance to interact with anyone at the cable company because the signal came through before they came on the line. I guess all of my questions were answered and Jeopardy was on so we proceeded with our dinner, while trying to figure out the answers to those addicting puzzles.


It is one of the worst experiences that we can have and for the most part many of us have managed to avoid it. The term bankruptcy makes us feel as though we are getting ready to experience a train wreck and for those who have been down this road will attest to that fact. Some people believe that they can handle this on their own, while the smarter ones seek the services of an attorney, regardless of whether they choose the chapter 7, 11 or 13 option.


My financial responsibility is something that I try to take very seriously, especially since I prefer not to be a burden to anyone else. Although we try to avoid the possible pitfalls that can bury us financially, there are certain situations that can not be avoidable. A few problems that can cause us to be a train wreck waiting to happen could be an unplanned medical disaster, a job related disaster where the income is cut in half, or a national economic disaster where the entire country suffers.

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