How to Prepare a Strong Carpet Cleaner

Posted on Aug 18 2011 at 09:31:37 AM in How-To

Vacuuming and sweeping your carpet is done on a weekly basis. But that is not enough. You need to do some major carpet cleaning from time to time. But if you want to be successful you need the right cleaning product. The commercial cleaners, offered on the market contain a lot of chemicals, which can be harmful to you. It is very easy to prepare a cleaning solution on your own. Here are the steps to follow.


The first thing to do is to mix ¼ cup of some laundry powder with white vinegar. The obtained mixture has to create a paste, which is not too thick. That will be the base of your strong carpet cleaner. According to carpet cleaning Melbourne, the solution is suitable for cleaning any carpet.

The next step is to add some essential oil. You have encountered bad odours spreading from your carpet for sure. The oil will help you get rid of any of them and prevent you from them in the future. You can choose whatever type you like. For instance, tea tree essential oil is a very good choice if you are dealing with urine odour.

In order to get ready for deep carpet cleaning, you will need a proper machine. To make the solution for it, mix the obtained paste ant the essential oil with one gallon of hot water in a bucket. The solution is now ready to be poured into the machine.

If your carpet is really dirty, you can add a half cup of club soda. It will help to make the dirt come out easily.

You can also prepare the solution in the following way. Mix 3 spoons of dish washing liquid with ¼ cup of ammonia and ¼ cup of white vinegar. Combine that with two gallons of hot water.

Creating the above solution will make the cleaning of your carpet much more efficient. It is very likely that you will not need to buy anything, because most of the required ingredients are probably already in your fridge. If you don't have the time to do that, you can just call house cleaning Melbourne.


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