How to Overcome Criticism, Gossips and Bad Mouthing?

Posted on Nov 15 2011 at 07:14:04 PM in How-To

This kind of people who like to make gossips, scandals, critics and bad mouthing about someone, usually do this because they have a poor self-esteem, and don't want be seen as they are. So they distract the people with faults and bad things about others.

Even if you are like them and have a lot in common, it's difficult being friend with them. Because she or he will talk at your back. To learn how to overcome these situations you must understand them first.

The really best recommendation it's; Don't become friends with them, believe me, you don't want be near these type of people, or worse, you don't want be in these people mouth. But if for any reason you have to live with someone like that and you become the protagonist of all their drama and lies, then you must find a way to fight back and neutralize their attacks and overcome their criticism.

These are some practical things you can start doing now that will help you to overcome this bad mouthing.

- When somebody it's bad mouthing about you, just ignore her until he/she end doing his thing, in the meantime you should think about the feelings and the thoughts that this person is having at this time, Try to find his weakness to neutralize her criticism and lies about you, then when finished look straight to his eyes and say something like "I'm aware about your concerns, What I can do to solve this problem?

- They don't like excuses, so don't try to come with them. If you are guilty then say "yea, it's true I'm responsible for this and I'm sorry", but if you aren't guilty about something and is lie about you, then you must be a little bit subtle when denying it, by saying something like "I can make mistakes sometimes like everybody here because we are humans, but this isn't mine"

- If you aren't guilty of something and you're accused about it, then ask that person to prove your guilt.

- Try the semi-silent mode, you're still be nice and smile at her except that you aren't going to pay a lot of attention to him. And if he notice more distance from and is thinking that something have changed about you and ask you if its something wrong, you just say "no".

Negative people like these are usually close minded, and they don't understand why always it's somebody elses faults. They don't want to understand that this behavior of them is bad, because they're addicted to arguments and problems with everybody around them.

If you develop patience and high self-esteem and use these weapons to defend yourself, then you'll easily overcome critics, gossips and bad mouthing from these kind of people.

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