How to Organise a Child's Room

Posted on Jan 9 2012 at 06:29:53 AM in How-To

Most of the time, the child's bedroom is the messiest room in the house. There are toys and clothes everywhere. Children tend to leave there stuff on places where they do not belong. That is the reason why their room needs cleaning and tidying quite often. Make sure you make your children participate in the process. That way you will teach them to be more organised. Here is what you need to do:


First of all make a schedule. Set some time every day or every week when your children should straighten up their room. Cleaners Edgeware Road suggest you turn it into a game so that kids also have fun while doing it. You can set time for every task. Make sure that after every task there is a small reward. That way it will become a nice habit and they will have fun.


If you want to teach your kids good cleaning habits, you will have to be neat and tidy yourself. Hanging up cloths and putting stuff away sets a really good example.


Let children listen to music while they clean. They should assume cleaning as a nice job, rather than a tough task.


Make sure that the kid's room has a lot of shelves and bookshelves. That why they can keep their books, toys and other stuff there. This way you will keep the floor clean.


When you put toys and other stuff away in boxes and containers, make sure you label them. This way the room will be more organised and your kid will not have a hard time finding something. Cleaners Edgeware Road suggest you let your kid decorate the containers. This way it will look better and your kid will have fun and personalise its stuff.


If you have a small child. You can put half of its toys away for a month or so and then change the toys. This way your child will enjoy forgotten toys and you will have a tidier room.

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