How To Mine Iron Ore

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How To Mine Iron Ore

How To Mine Iron Ore,How Is Iron Ore Mined

Iron ores are rocks and minerals which yield metallic iron on extraction. Iron is found in numerous forms like magnetite, siderite, goethite, limonite etc. Steel is made from a raw material called Pig Iron. Pig Iron is also made from Iron Ore. Mining of Iron depends and varies according to the type of ore which is being mined.

How Is Iron Ore Mined ?The most frequently used metal is Iron which is largely used for the construction of bridges, electrical towers, naval ships, automobiles, industrial structures and production of machineries. Rocks rich in iron are very easily available all around the globe. What Makes Iron Ore ? The main restriction to finances for iron ore deposits is not essential but the grade and the proportion of the composition are very important. The main limitation is the situation of the iron ore related to market and the cost of the project.

The average production of raw ore is more than 1 billion Metric ton annually. Today brazil is the world's leading producer of mobile crusher for iron ore, and China the largest consumer of iron ore and is declared to be the world's major producer of steel. China combined Korea, and Japan guzzle a major quantity of raw iron ore followed with metallurgical coal. Year 2006, China experienced more than 550 million tons of iron ore, with an yearly development of In iron ire process, the crushing and screening plant is a basic link to concentrator will directly affect the production of indicators. Methods used to include jaw crushing, impact crushing, roll crushing, and pulverizing. In order to make iron ore size as fine as possible before entering into ball mill, iron ore processors are usually use cone crushers in pre-grinding stage, cone crusher have an excellent fine crushing capability to minish iron ore size. In fine crushing, 2.1m or 2.2m gyratory crusher is often to be selected, in medium crushing process, processer usually use standard cone crusher, and in fine crushing, short-head type cone crusher is suitable.

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