How to Make Your Green Halloween Decorations

Posted on Oct 24 2011 at 09:15:51 AM in How-To

How to Make Your Green Halloween Decorations

Halloween is coming and now is the time to have fun decorating your home for this unusual holiday. However why to buy expensive commercial decorations from the store as you can make your own homemade ones?! The mass-production has overflowed the market and this is the main reason why lots of people decided to change their interest in other directions such as to make their own unique Halloween decorations using old stuff. Moreover rejecting the commercial goods these people say out loud that they care for the environment and are ready to protect it. But are you ready to follow this green idea, too?


There are many London cleaning professionals who receive phone calls from customers who want to meet the upcoming holiday surrounded by a clean and cosy domestic environment. However the best thing about these professionals is not that they are excellent in everything they are doing but they also can advise you how to make your own green Halloween decorations. And in the lines below you will be able to learn some of their “spooky” secrets:


  • One easy and effective tip that you can follow is to empty the garbage and recycling bins. You will be amazed how many things you can find there. The best thing is that you can transform most of them into unique Halloween decorations. And everything you need for the purpose is to activate your own imagination.


  • You can use all the tin cans, glass jars, toilet-paper rolls and plastic containers that you've found in the garbage to make the best Halloween decorations ever. So, you can transform the tin cans into fancy candle holders. For the job you will need a nail, little paint and a hammer. Make holes in the can using the hammer. Cleaners in London recommend to use your imagination for the design of your Halloween candle holders. However if you cannot rely on it just make holes around the bottom and top in a row, around the can. Then you can make some in the middle, too. This way the candlelight will shine through the holes and will create a typical Halloween atmosphere around your home. Use acrylic paint to make interesting Halloween designs on the cans.


  • Turn the glass jars into traditional candy containers. Paint the jars with acrylic or glass paint and decorate them with stickers or coloured paper. If you are a creative person London cleaners advise to unleash your imagination and give your candy containers an amazing look by glueing on some unique fall or Halloween designs.   



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