How to Make Your Boyfriend Move in With You

Posted on Apr 27 2012 at 04:15:44 AM in How-To

Relationships are complicated, especially those between lovers. If you feel you are ready for the next step in yours – living together, then you definitely can benefit from some advice on how to make your boyfriend move in with you.

Taking such important decision is always hard. In case you are the only person in this relationship who is ready for that, it can be even harder. The important thing here is not to make your partner feel pressured, otherwise that can be the end of you being together, and not a new start.

If you spend particularly every night together, it will be much more convenient to live in the same place. Women often complain about having to clean and maintain two places at once – their own home and their partner's as well. According to professionals from end of tenancy cleaning Hammersmith, women are the ones, doing all the house work, in 94 % of all cases.

Talk with him and discuss the topic. Try to convince him, you are ready for this step, both emotionally and financially. Count all the benefits, living together will bring. Shared bills, shopping together, waking up every morning next to each other. Just be careful not to scare him away, you know what he likes, so concentrate on that. If your relationship is serious, you should try living together, to know if you are compatible, and how your future life will be.

In case that isn't enough, give him some space instead. Stop calling him and don't spend the night at his place at least for a week. This will give him a hint, how a life without you by his side looks like.

If everything above isn't enough, it's time for your last and strongest argument. Promise him you will do all the cleaning. According to professional cleaners Dalston, this will convince 90% of the men. After all, who will decline to be taken care of.

Now you now how to make your boyfriend move in with you, all what's left is to try it. We will keep our fingers crossed.

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