How to make finger licking vegetarian meals as a vegetarian newbie

Posted on Feb 9 2013 at 11:57:34 PM in Diet & Nutrition

How to make finger licking vegetarian meals as a vegetarian newbie

Meatless dishes have long been misunderstood.  A common misconception of vegan or vegetarian dishes is that they always taste bland, boring, or similar to cardboard.  This perception is usually made by people who have thrown a frozen veggie burger in the microwave once, and immediately vowed never to leave real beef again.

A home cooked vegetarian dish, prepared with love and fresh ingredients is sure to be delicious and satisfying, so long as these valuable tips are implicated. Reinvent classic dishes with attractive and colorful healthy alternatives to eat.  The family will be too busy asking for seconds to notice the absence of meat.  There is no limit to the amount of tastful, innovative, vegetarian recipes available to create at home.

5 Great Ways to Make Sensational Vegan or Vegetarian Meals

1. Buy local, organic fruit and vegetables which are in season.  Join a community shared agriculture group (CSA) if there is one in the area or stop by the farmer’s market.  Grow herbs and veggies in the yard if space and climate are cooperative.

2. Explore a wide range of spices and flavors to transform any dish into a masterpiece.  Experiment with different sauces to add variety.

3. When opting for a store-bought vegetarian meal, look for ones that are made with minimal processing.  Choose whole grains and read labels for identifiable ingredients.

4. Cook large batches of meals to freeze for later.  They will come in handy when a quick and easy meal on the go is needed.  Take leftovers to reheat at work to save money at lunch time.

5. Search the library for a few good veggie cookbooks.  To aide in menu planning, keep the shelves stocked with some ingredients that are widely used in vegetarian cooking.  Pasta, nuts, beans, flours and grains are some of the staples to have on hand. 

Every fruit, vegetable, and herb is associated with a healing property or health benefit.  Once meat is eliminated from the diet people notice they have more energy, and begin to lose weight.  Cholesterol levels go down and the immune system shows great improvement.  Mental functions perform at a higher capacity.

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