How to Maintain Your Pet's Bed

Posted on Dec 12 2011 at 06:37:37 PM in How-To

Pets are great to have at home. They bring another, different type of presence at your house. If you have a pet you will certainly know that you actually have a great companionship that will bring you joy at any time. Unfortunately, they also bring messes and dirt around your place. A pet's bedding and beloved toys tend to receive the worst damage. Keeping them clean should be part of your routine. That will not only make your dog or cat happier, but will be a care for your and your family's health as well.

Considering that fact cleaners Heathrow Airport provide the following tips on how to maintain your pet's bed:

As a start apply Static Guard to the bed surface with to loosen the pet hairs. Test a small section of the pet bed first in order to make sure that the spray won't cause any damages.

Then vacuum the pet bed studiously to lift up all the excess pet hairs, dirt, litter or other debris. Cleaners Heath Park advise you to additionally roll a lint roller over the bed to pull away hairs that the vacuum did not collect.

Next, remove the outer fabric layer from the foam bedding insert.

Put the fabric wrapping (or the entire bed if it consists entirely of fleece or another machine washable substance) into the washing machine. Work on a large load setting, warm water and plenty of laundry detergent to fulfill more effective procedure. Repeat the wash cycle for if your pet's bed is really dirty.

As a final effort you should dry the bed. For that purpose dry the washed bedding in your clothes dryer with at least one dryer sheet. According to cleaners Heathrow hamlet  the dryer sheet will limit static electricity and in that way lift up more pet fur.

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