How to Maintain Wool Felt Hats

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Wool felt hats are made in many different shape and colors. Unless you a high-quality fur felt hat made from rabbit or beaver (the retailer will be sure to detail its make), what you have is a wool felt hat. Most felt hats that are sold are of the wool felt variety due to its competitive pricing.

Considering how specific is the shape and the material of the wool felt hats cleaners Highgate provide the following tips on how to properly clean them:

To start you have to store out a few items you will need in order to achieve good final results. In this case you have to prepare a soft hat brush, wide tape, either masking or painter's, water, soap, old toothbrush and several soft clothes. After having everything prepared you can proceed with the actual procedure.

Firstly, you should get rid of all the lint and hair particles from the hat. To do that carefully apply the tape to the surface of the hat. Pull it away really quickly in order to collect most of the lint.

Take a hat brush and remove dirt from the surface of the hat with it. Begin from the left side and work counter-clockwise until you reach the front. Turn the sweatband down and let it to air dry. According to cleaners Highgate you should never apply artificial heat to the hat as that will have only negative effect to its material and shape. The natural drying will let the sweat and oils from wear to evaporate into the air.

If you estimate that is necessary you can proceed with the treatment. Dip a clean toothbrush in a solution of water and mild soap. Carefully rub the sweatband with the toothbrush, then swill and blot with a soft cloth to dry.

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