How to Maintain Ray Ban Sunglasses

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Ray-Bans is a number one brand for high quality glasses manufacture. The company have huge collection that provides diopter and sunglasses for every possible preferences. Considering the brand products original design and durability , it is not surprising that the price of a pair of such glasses is fairly hight. However, that is a long term investment that worth the its price. If you want to use your Ray Bans for longer period, should take a proper care of them. Moreover, you should clean them regularly and with the proper cleaning tools.

Having in mind that cleaners Putney provide the following tips on how to maintain your Ray-Bans sunglasses in order to have an optimal viewing pleasure and keeping the fashionable look of the item:

Buy professional cloths from most eye-care outlets. Inspect the lenses carefully for dirt or grit. Rinse them with clean water, getting rid of the dirt particles.

Take a careful look at the lenses for determine if there are any smudges.

Combine clean, warm water with a drop or two of mild dish soap to prepare a cleaning solution.

Submerge the glasses in the mixture. The work on the entire glass surface with the cleaning cloth, starting with the smudges on the lenses. Fold the frames closed, cleaning the hinges. Remember! Do not apply too much of pressure while rubbing the Ray Bans in order not to cause additional damages.

Then check the hinges and nose pieces for grimy buildup. In case you estimate that is needed, unscrew the hinges and nose pieces with a repair kit, wipe them, and put everything back together once you're done.

After that swill the glasses with clean water. Go over their entire surface with a clean, dry cleaning cloth, beginning with the lenses. Then just let the glasses to fully dry.

As a final effort buff any spots or fingerprints with a clean section of the cloth.

Cleaners Putney wish you great cleaning results!

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