How to Maintain Lady's Underwear

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Ladies undergarments are made of one of the most delicate materials such as satin, silk and lace. Even cotton bras and panties require special maintenance.
Being aware of that fact most women prefer to hand wash their underwear as that seems to be the safest way to take care of their a bra and panties. However, some garments are washable. Still, they need to be treat on a particular washing cycle in order not to damage them.

Having in mind that cleaners Kidbrooke provide the following tips on how to maintain lady's underwear:

Hand Method

Fill your sink with cool water. Make sure that it is clean before doing that. As the water level in the sink increases, add a cupful of mild detergent. Cleaners Kensington recommend you to work with a detergent labeled for use on delicates.

Dip the bra and panties in the water. Let them to soak for 5 to 10 minutes. If the items are really soiled, leave them to stand for at least 30 minutes.

Carefully rub the bra fabric together to loosen trapped soil. Do the same with the material of the panties as well. Let both to soak for another five minutes.

Drain the water from the sink swill out the bra and panties under cool running water.

After that refill the sink with cold water. Lift up an dip down the items in the water to remove more detergent.

Once again drain the water from the sink. Rinse the bra and panties again under cool water from the faucet. Then lay the items on a dry towel.

Place another dry towel on top of the bra and panties and press to get rid of the moisture. Leave them to dry flat and in the proper shape or hang them to dry on a clothesline.

Machine Method

Store the bra and panties in separate lingerie mesh bags. You can alternatively use pillow cases and close them with a rubber band.

Put the cases in the washing machine. Cleaners Kensal Town explain that you should wash the items on a gentle, cold water settings.

Add mild detergent. Let the machine to go through a full cycle and then take out the bra and panties quickly

As a final effort just lay the bra and panties on a towel to dry.

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