How to Maintain Cashmere Socks

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Cashmere is often used in the cloth industry. It is a basic texture for all kind of garments, including scarfs , underwear and also sock. Cashmere is determined as a luxury fiber. As such it requires a special care in order to save its good look. In its nature cashmere is actually the hair of the cashmere goat so it may be cleaned in a similar manner as any other fine fiber. However, you should never consider the washing machine or the dryer as an option for such material treatment. That can makes the cleaning process a little bit tricky, but actually is not that difficult thing to be done. You can do it by yourself in no time.

Lear how to take a proper care for your cashmere socks from the following cleaners Kilburn tips :

To begin you have to collect the right cleaning tools. In this case you will have to prepare several clean towels fine fabric soap, made especially for wool and other fine fibers and enough amount of cool water. Those are the main cleaning materials you should have on hand to start the actual treatment.

First, you should fill a clean sink with cool water. Pour several drops of the soap in it. Stir the water vigorously to dissolve the soap well enough. Never use detergent!

Dip your cashmere socks in the water and swirl carefully. In case you think is necessary, rub them gently together to eliminate the ground-in dirt. Allow the socks soak in the water for about 30 minutes. Then drain the water out.

Take the socks out of the basin and refill the sink with clean cool water. Dip your cashmere items back in the sink and squeeze to clean the soap out. Repeat the draining and rinsing several times until the soc are soap free.

To finish carefully wring the socks out to get rid of as much water as you can. Lay the socks flat on a clean towel and wrap them in order to absorb as much of the remaining water out as possible. After that reshape the cashmere socks and place them on a second towel them to air dry.

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