How to Maintain a Tattoo Equipment

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There is one basic thing in every profession- no matter what you have chosen to do for a living , you have to be precise in what you are doing. In that aspect, the proper maintenance of your tattoo equipment is an essential part of your work. Keeping everything well sanitized will prevents the spread of diseases and environmental contaminants that can irritate skin of your customers and damage the appearance of the tattoos you are drawing. Fortunately, the proper treatment is very easy to be fulfilled.

Lean how exactly you should act when sanitizing your tattoo equipment from the following cleaners Kensal Green tips on the subject:

A number one rule when it comes to inking a people is to never reuse your tattoo needles on other people. Although an autoclave will almost certainly clean off anything in your needles, it is forbidden to reuse them in most states, because in principle you can spread diseases in that manner. In addition, needles become dull really fast, which can cause serious irritations on the skin surface. Always throw away the used needles in a sharps container. If you do wish to reuse needles on yourself, be sure to studiously sanitize them between each use.

Try the disposable tubes alternative. It is fairly cheap compared to the cost of proper sterilizing equipment, and is guaranteed to be sterile. However, in the long run it is probably better to use an autoclave.

If you estimate work with an autoclave. You can choose from dentists, doctors or tattoo artists autoclaves-- all types work in the same manner and will help you fulfill your job in professional way.

Next, put on sterile gloves and pre-wash the tubes with a solution prepared of equal parts of soap and warm water.

After that pour sterile, distilled water the autoclave. Use enough amount of it to fill the necessary space. There will be a high- and low-water mark inside. Usually, you will need to fill it in way that the water level will be halfway between the two.

Put the tubes in the autoclave basket and run it. The usual time an autoclave need is about 1 up to 2 hours so it can do its best. For more particular information, cleaners Kensal Green advise you to pay extra attention on the label directions. They should point the exact time you will need.

Place the tubes in an autoclave bag and put them in a clean, dry cabinet.

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