How to Look After Office Cactus

Posted on Nov 21 2012 at 07:16:30 AM in Employment & Work

How to Look After Office Cactus

Working in big company often has its setbacks, aside from the obvious benefits. Having to spend up to 10 hours with other people, trying to concentrate on the job that needs doing, having to eat quickly, or not a t all – it all tends to become rather troublesome and a burden, when it goes on for months. Some nice initiative would be to make the office itself a better place to spend time. One of the options is to bring plants into it, but this means that you have to know how to look after them.

The best thins is when you can leave the employees to look out, each one after his own plant. This way it will be like personal assignments, which have nothing to do with work. It tends to break any work pressures, keeps people concentrated on the tasks at hand.

However you can't just let every employee pick out one plant and bring it to the office. What if its a palm tree, or some other huge plant, which will take space? It is vital that the presence of the plants does not disturb the working process itself, but improves it. The plants must be also easy to maintain – less cleaning it up, watering, cutting, etc. Best choice would be a cactus.

These little fellows come in all shapes and sizes and have various specimens. They have big needles and small ones, they are more leafy or more like a tree trunk, they also can be narrow cylindrical, or look like a ball. They require minimum efforts to keep up. They survive in a very broad temperature spectrum, and require watering once per month. They can grow in small vases, which can be plastic, take little space and can be easily moved around.

Working with cleaners in Hammersmith, cleaning offices in the region, I have stumbled on entire collections of these things in different offices. It does make the grey view of the walls a bit brighter. And people enjoy having competition about “who's cactus is the prettiest”. Sound like a bunch of girls gathered up really, but men do participate in such things, simply because most of them have already ran out of ways to compare sizes – if you know what I mean. So, if you find yourself in a position where you could use a change of scenery – go ahead ant try this out.

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