How to Know If He Wants You Back?

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How to Know If He Wants You Back?

If you want your ex back, it can be hard to know if the relationship even worth going after. After all, you’ve been dumped; your ex doesn’t want you back, right? Not always so. Your ex may want you; they may just need some time to figure this out on their own. Yet, how are you to know if there are any feelings left for you?

Actually, it’s pretty easy to figure out if your ex still has feelings for you. It doesn’t take a science degree to figure it out. All it takes is some knowledge about the emotional scale. Emotional scale? What’s this? It’s what lets people know how a person feels about them based on the different ranges. Love being on one side of the scale and hate on the opposite end. When you look at the scale, you can make these two emotions like this: intense (love)/ indifference (hate).

When a person has no real feelings for another person, they fall on the indifference side of the scale. However, when a person has strong feelings for someone, they fall to the inside side of the scale. How do you discern where you fall on this love/hate measurement? Start by watching how your ex acts toward you. Does it seem like you can talk as you did before or does the reception seem chilly?

Look at it like this: When you text your ex, does it seem like they never answer or are in a hurry to get off the phone with you? Does it seem like you are always the one calling? If so, then it’s probable that you are on the indifference side of the scale. You may have little chance to win your ex back when you are on this side.

However, if your ex calls you or doesn’t mind you contacting them, you still have a winning shot to get them back. It means they do still care about you and how you are doing. It may take some doing and you will definitely need a plan, but you can win your ex back. All you need to do is to stay off the indifference side of the scale.

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